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Optimal management of tendons begins with a comprehensive diagnosis using UTC™ (Ultrasound Tissue Characterisation) 3D imaging, which our specialists use to analyse the tendon health of individual athletes. The Tendon Performance team diagnoses current pathology and can detect early signs of matrix degradation in the achilles and patella tendons. This enables athletes, their clinicians, coaches and sports physicians to make informed and effective decisions about athletes’ capacity for performance before tendon degradation or damage occurs.


Using thorough clinical history recording and UTC scanning, our specialists assess the integrity of the athletes’ tendons. We classify the tendon into four discreet echo types and provide comparitive graphs for clarity and ease of comprehension to provide objective feedback on the current state of the tendon matrix. Combined with performance measures taken from drop jump data, our team is able to determine the current load tolerance and biomechanical anomalies that predispose an athlete to poor function.


With a detailed medical and strength diagnostics profile, we then design a comprehensive loading program, thereby addressing all elements of the kinetic chain. This enables athletes to return to peak performance faster and with less risk of recurring tendinopathy. The Tendon Performance team provides ongoing monitoring service, comparing initial data with prospective values to assess and maintain full function for longer.


Our services can be track or pitch side and clinic based to provide comprehensive and integrated tendon health services.

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