Equine Services

Musculoskeletal services for elite and recreational equine athletes

Tendon Performance is a clinical consulting practice specialising in musculoskeletal services for elite and recreational equine athletes. Our services focus on the diagnosis, treatment and management of tendinopathy so equine athletes can perform at their best for longer. Our team includes sports physiotherapists, a specialist biomechanist and equine veterinarians.

Equine Athletes

As equine athletes are unable to verbally communicate discomfort or pain, symptoms usually present when the superficial digital flexor (SDF) tendon begins showing signs of serious pathology, at which stage it may take considerable time to rectify. Tendon Performance uses the latest objective analysis to provide reliable information to veterinary specialists, trainers and owners on the quality of the tendon matrix while also monitoring optimal training loads to prevent tendon injury.

State of the art

Considerable research has been undertaken in the field of equine sports medicine due to the high prevalence of tendinopathy in the SDF tendons. The Tendon Performance team utilises current research and specialists in the field for the management of the equine athlete. We use the most advanced and validated methods to objectively analyse the SDF and DDF tendons by providing graphical information on the health of the tendon matrix.


Utilising the technological advances from track and field and other elite sports, we have developed key performance outcomes in conjunction with our biomechanist to reduce injuries and improve performance in race and jumping horses.

Tendon Performance consultants provide onsite scanning with preliminary analysis and feedback to trainers and owners to rehabilitate race and jumping horses, faster than ever before.